Who are we looking for

We are looking for a smart, seasoned frontend developer who browses pages through 'Developer Tools', walks around in the console and knows (looks for) the best tools to complete the project - 'getting sh *t done'.

What does a proper JEDI control besides strength

  • do you know what responsiveness is, you actually only use your phone to test websites and applications
  • JavaScript is your favorite language and you don't immediately mention jQuery when you mention it, even if you started with it
  • since you worked on larger projects, you used some framework such as Angular, React, Vue but you quickly learn a new one, because it is all just JavaScript
  • you can consult the design with a graphic designer, edit it yourself (Photoshop, Zeplin, Figma), export and transform it into an image of God (1:1)
  • you use tools to facilitate development such as Webpack, Vite, NPM but also Docker, Composer - with you can also launch a space rocket
  • your code is functional, clean and readable because you write it for other team members (lints, tests, reviews)
  • you can independently create a web application or page from 'git init' to 'git push origin master'
  • git is true
  • you can estimate and fulfill the tasks you are given better than they were assigned
  • you read documentation like evening fiction
  • you worked in a team and never turned your back on your comrades because you know that a team is only as strong as its weakest link
  • connecting your work with the backend is not a problem for you (templates, themes, blade and php)
  • you like to learn new technologies and you annoy your colleagues and friends with beer/coffee/lemonade
  • with IT innovations
  • you pass on experience, develop your skills and help design solutions for specific cases
  • if something doesn't work, you look for a solution, not an excuse
  • although repetition is the mother of wisdom - DRY
  • you are familiar with SEO optimization and you can write code for search engines as well
  • you test, test and test

What will you bring us to our knees

  • UX/UI is your hobby
  • you have your own portfolio of successful projects
  • wrote your own plugin, library, framework, language
  • you don't just dream about tests, you also demand and write them
  • you know Wordpress and making or editing a theme is a piece of cake
  • you can also speak English, not just read documentation and blogs
  • LESS, SCSS, OCSS, BEM, Atomic design - if you know, you know, if you don't, you learn
  • code optimization and page loading speed are important to you
  • you also control the server part and the backend is not stolen from you (NodeJS, PHP)
  • 'soft skills' - FE work is related to the satisfaction of the designer, CTO, CEO, but especially the client, team members and loved ones

Eye test

  • most of the following images are tattooed on your body, stuck on your laptop or as posters on your walls ... or at least you know their names
Zeplin Figma

You know Webpack npm
View Vuetify
NodeJs Nuxt Cypress JetBrains Docker Sentry
Symfony Adonis OctoberCMs
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Who are we looking for

We are looking for a promising frontend developer who enjoys creating beautiful and successful projects. He knows that he still doesn't know much and likes to learn new technologies and procedures. You must have some foundation in programming and a modest overview of the frontend scene.

What we expect from you

  • willingness to learn and not afraid of challenges
  • HTML, CSS (read HTML5 and CSS3) and JavaScript are your daily bread
  • do you know what responsiveness is, UX/UI, SVG, LESS/SCSS, SEO
  • you have worked with Bootstrap, jQuery, Vuetify but you want to improve and learn new frameworks and tools
  • you know what Photoshop, Figma are and you have already independently programmed a few pages according to the design
  • you're not afraid to ask if you don't know or don't understand something - there's no shame in making a mistake, it's a shame not to admit a mistake (of course Google will get the first question)

Eye test

  • you recognize some of the following pictures
Zeplin Figma

You know Webpack npm
View Vuetify
NodeJs Nuxt Cypress JetBrains Docker Sentry
Symfony Adonis OctoberCMs
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Who we are looking for

We are looking for a backend developer who "knows".

What a smart 'backendista' could agree with

  • git blame is true
  • in principle, it doesn't matter if you write PHP and related frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony or for example OctoberCMS, readability and functionality are important
  • if you know Laravel, you have no problem with AdonisJS
  • either
  • after years of updating the local environment, you can appreciate the benefits of Docker or other virtualization
  • you like conventions, or at least you follow them
  • you know the 12 factor application
  • when you start working on a feature request, first you look at composer show, then packagist and finally you start coding it from scratch
  • MVC, ORM, Dependency Injection, traits, middlewares and similar 'buzzwords' you can't translate into Slovak or explain to your girlfriend, but you're not afraid of them
  • deploying the project on the server and running it successfully is not a problem for you (the documentation is in git after all), even if you are not currently developing on Linux
  • you don't generate 500s in logos, but you change them into smaller hundreds
  • you will appreciate it if the projects have integration into sentra or zabbix
  • you are aware of your responsibility and you know that security starts with the design of the website or application
  • you design the source code from the worst case scenario to the best, not the other way around
  • you don't like to repeat yourself (neither in code nor in processes)
  • the first choice when choosing a relational database is PostgreSQL (you can also negotiate with MariaDB, MySQL or MSSQL, if they don't know something, you won't remind them as a gentleman)
  • as soon as the relational database stops chasing or satisfying you, you are not afraid to try Elasticsearch, Redis or MongoDB
  • you have an understanding of e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Presta or WooCommerce
  • Wordpress can be difficult for you, but you can deploy or update it for simpler projects
  • you will never commit Slovak to git (with the exception of translations)
  • if something doesn't work, you find a solution, not an excuse
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Who are we looking for

A person who can sell and communicate.

So sell yourself!

full time / part time

We are looking for an internal colleague who will be in charge of the social networks of our clients (and our own), who can participate in the creative process of creating and writing texts and supervises the functioning of the entire company. Furthermore, he/she should have a sense of IT humor, love animals, programmers and have a good feeling about a functioning office where all colleagues feel happy. Don't leave help and ideas for organizing teambuilding to anyone else, because you really enjoy it.

Jobs of Social Manager

  • management of clients' social networks, creation of statuses and optimization of FB, Instagram.

Copywriter job description

  • creation and writing of author's texts, help with filling out texts for websites.

Job content Administration

  • assistance for company management (administrative and organizational support).
  • ensuring the running of the office.
  • organizational provision of company events = organization of teambuildings.
  • e-mail and telephone communication with clients and partners of the company.
  • managing and processing company correspondence, ordering office supplies.
  • performing operational (ad hoc) tasks.
  • other administrative tasks related to the running of the office.


  • Microsoft Outlook - advanced
  • Microsoft Excel - advanced
  • Microsoft Word - advanced
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • AdWords, AdSense knowledge is an advantage

Personal prerequisites and skills

  • experience with social network management.
  • knowledge of working with MS Word and MS Excel is essential.
  • experience in a similar position is an advantage.
  • a person with high internal motivation, high potential and a strong sense of responsibility.
  • communication skills at a professional level.
  • positive personality with excellent time-management.
  • the desire to learn new things and to improve on previous experiences.

We offer

  • perspective background
  • personal development
  • excellent team
  • office in the Old Town

Send us your CV

Send us your CV, if you have a portfolio (work results and achievements) and a link to your profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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