Professional team of security specialists has prepared simulated attacks since 2006. Citadelo’s main aim is to find security vulnerabilities without harming business continuity. They help their clients test their information security.

Citadelo approached us to develop a secure website for them that reflects the nature of their buisness

Secure web

Best way to make your website secure is to cut out the middle man. Most security issues are connected to CMS , databases and scripts running on the server. HTML itself is plain and simple.

Custom team portraits

We used flat design to create custom avatars for citadelo team. This approach magically keeps a degree of anonimity for key team members and makes them approachable at the same time.

Responsive design

All pages are fully responsive and optimised for mobile viewing. And thanks to static HTML everything loads several times faster then on classic pages.

Discover more about advantages of the static webpage

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